Installation Made Simple.

With the HTML file sent to you, you should be able to install it in all email programs that support HTML signatures. As we cannot provide installation help for all email programs ever made, below is a list of installation instructions for some of the most popular email programs available today. If the program that you are using is not listed here, please try doing a Google search for something like this: “HTML Signature Microsoft Entourage.”

To install your signature using the HTML file sent to you by MYDESIGNPAD, find your email program below and click on the link to the installation tutorial.

If you need more help, please view the FAQ section to see if you can find the answer to your question(s). Feel free to contact us for more help when needed. MYDESIGNPAD will try our best to help you get your signature installed.

For Apple Mail

For Microsoft Outlook

For Other Email Apps

For Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

For devices running on iOS6 and under, a 3rd party app is needed to get your signature installed on Apple Mail. Starting with iOS 7 and up, Apple finally made installing HTML email signatures much easier and direct for Mail on iOS.

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