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Selected Work

  1. PubCo Reporting Logo
  2. PubCo Reporting Email Signature

PubCo Reporting

Logo & Email Signature Design

PubCo Reporting Services Inc. offers complete compliance and financial reporting solutions to companies and investment funds throughout the world. PubCo Reporting specializes in no hassle EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval), XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language), and Section 16 filings. The vertical bars leading up to the P symbolize filing and suggest speed and professionalism.

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  1. EME Lighting Logo
  2. EME Showroom
  3. Billboard
  4. T-Billboard
  5. Tagline Design
  6. Old Logo

EME Lighting 鹰皇灯饰

Visual Identity, Website Design & Development

A rebranding project to make EME Lighting shine more prominently against local competitors for international lighting projects.

EME Lighting is one of the top five Lighting Companies in Guzhen Town with a prime showroom location.

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  1. Senqiu Logo
  3. Corporate Building Facade
  4. Company Flags
  5. Vertical Banner outside Campus
  6. Vertical Banner Display
  7. Entrance Reception
  8. Model Display Case

Senqiu Lighting 胜球灯饰

Visual Identity, Website Design & Development

A brand new visual identity was created to celebrate 20 years of success in the Lighting design and manufacture business.

Senqiu Lighting is one of the top five Lighting Companies in Guzhen Town, the Lighting Capital of China with over 3000 empolyees.

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  1. ThinkDots business card in the dark
  2. ThinkDots Glow in the dark business card
  3. ThinkDots Logo

ThinkDots 想一点

Glow-In-The-Dark Business Card & Website

Personal project aimed at creating an online community to share lighting design inspirations and lighting resources accompanied by a set of promotional plastic glow-in-the-dark business cards to reflect the value of light in the dark and all the nights that were spent creating this site after a long day at work.

If you are interested in printing plastic business cards with or without the glow in the dark effect, please email me for more information.

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  1. The Perfect Showcase Close-up
  2. The Perfect Showcase

FAO Schwarz

Video, Showcase & Brochure

Working with the REA branding team to bring awareness to this world class iconic retail space located at the base of the GM building, we executed "The Perfect Showcase" concept to engage and ignite interest by world class brands to this once in a lifetime opportunity. We created a one minute customizable video packaged and delievered in a "mini" showcase etched plexi box inspired by the actual space.

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Brooklyn Body logo Brooklyn Body website homepage Brooklyn Body website sketch

Brooklyn Body

Website Design & Development

Brooklyn Body’s generic looking website does not do justice to the studio’s bright, cheerful and upbeat atmosphere and their personalized, passionate and supportive training services. This new website communicates the qualities of Brooklyn Body while putting visitors of the site in the studio before they actually get there.

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New Meadowland Stadium brochure front cover New Meadowland Stadium brochure page 1 New Meadowland Stadium brochure page 2 New Meadowland Stadium brochure page 3 New Meadowland Stadium brochure page 4 New Meadowland Stadium brochure back cover New Meadowland Stadium mail wrapper and badge

New Meadowlands Stadium

Direct Mail Brochure & Visitor's Badge

The experience and excitement of watching an event in the luxury suite is indescribable. This tri-fold brochure expresses this experience in a subtle way with a clean layout filled with carefully selected images without needing to say more with words. A VIP treatment was created to ensure that the recipient opens the package and comes in for the special tour of the luxury suites.

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Stop and Stretch logo Stop and Stretch stationary set Stop and Stretch video workout widget design Stop and Stretch website homepage Stop and Stretch website subpage

Stop & Stretch

Branding, Website & Widget Design

Stop &Stretch is a simple yet exciting program used to increase productivity by focusing on the well being of employees in office settings. This concept talks about revitalization of personal energy. This is the catalyst that restores focus and strength when fatigue kicks in during work.

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Upper West Side Portfolio logo Upper West Side Portfolio offering memorandum and flyer Upper West Side Portfolio offering memorandum table of content page

Upper West Side Portfolio

Offering Memorandum & Flyer

The biggest challenge for this project was selling the idea to the client who thought this direction was "too out there for potential buyers of real estate."

The client was convinced otherwise when the original colors were replaced with a saturated color palette to make the piece stand out.

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Dena Marie Plaza logo Dena Marie Plaza folder and postcard set

Dena Marie Plaza

Property Leasing Brochure

To create a brochure to attract national retailers to fill the vacancy at Dena Marie Plaza, the brochure took the form of a sophisticated invitation with the tag line "By Invitation Only." It was designed to express the owner’s commitment to success and to make the recipients feel exclusive.

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Perry Point logo Perry Point website homepage Perry Point website residences page Perry Point website location page

Perry Point

Property Identity & Website

An earthy and lodge feel was used to brand this newly built development. The original name, "Plantation Point" was changed to "Perry Point" to help establish the identity feel like "Your Everyday Retreat."

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The Paddocks of Saratoga brochure cover and logo design The Paddocks of Saratoga website homepage and slideshow The Paddocks of Saratoga website property page The Paddocks of Saratoga website developer page

The Paddocks of Saratoga

Property Identity & Website

The website was designed to make communication and the latest information more accessible for potential tenants.

It was a challenge visualizing what the client wanted. Weekly conference calls were made to get the client on board with the design direction.

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7 World Trade Center logo 7 World Trade Center postcards 7 World Trade Center email blast 1 7 World Trade Center email blast 2 7 World Trade Center email blast 3 7 World Trade Center email blast 4

7 World Trade Center

E-mail blasts & postcards

Available spaces in 7 World Trade Center are extremely desirable and prestigious. These postcards and e-mail blasts represent a unique opportunity to acquire the available prime sublease spaces.

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Superwoman Workout logo Superwoman Workout website homepage Superwoman Workout website subpage

Superwoman Workouts

Website Design & Developement

A clean and simple website designed for busy females to help them stay in shape with targeted video work-outs.

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Acupuncture Body logo Acupuncture Body websitehomepage Acupuncture Body website contact page

Acupuncture Body

Website Design & Developement

A redesigned website for an acupuncturist to communicate the healing powers of acupuncture in a simple and straight forward manner.

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Stuart Dean Facade Restoration design Stuart Dean Facade Restoration booth Stuart Dean Facade Restoration brochure and giveaway wiper

Stuart Dean

Trade Booth, Brochure & Giveaway

This eye-catching trade booth design communicates the cleaning and restoration power of Stuart Dean in the simplest terms.

Although the client was looking for a more conventional design for their trade show, they were truly impressed to have this design presented to them.

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Tudor Hotel offering memorandum and flyer Hyatt Regency Tampa flyer detail

Tudor Hotel

Offering Memorandum & Flyer

This was a challenging project to design due to the very tight deadline. The result was an offering memorandum that presented the hotel and the information elegantly in a clean and simple fashion.

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55 Old Ridgebury Road offering memorandum logo 55 Old Ridgebury Road offering memorandum cover 55 Old Ridgebury Road offering memorandum spread banner

55 Old Ridgebury Road

Offering Memorandum

In selling this property, it was important to communicate to potential buyers that the tenant, Praxair, is utilizing the building as its worldwide data center under a long-term lease.

Presenting the building as a data management facility became the design concept of the book.

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Hyatt Regency Tampa offering memorandum cover Hyatt Regency Tampa offering memorandum table of contents page

Hyatt Regency Tampa

Offering Memorandum & Flyer

Tampa’s waterfront skyline image was used on the cover and as the background in the layout to reinforce the prime location of the hotel.

A struggle with this project was trying to keep all the graphic elements consistent with the style of the layout. It was challenging to make the tables and charts fit while having to finish this project within a tight deadline.

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Manchester Pacific Gateway offering memorandum cover Manchester Pacific Gateway offering memorandum spread

Manchester Pacific Gateway

Offering Memorandum

Along with the execellent client compliments about this book’s design, we gained a valuable lesson about understanding a paper’s characteristic before choosing it.

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AquaPet logo AquaPet delivery truck AquaPet store front AquaPet product sticker AquaPet stationary set


Identity & Signage

To differentiate itself from its competitor, an obvious but unique trademark was created as the result. This design was selected and showcased in Graphis’s "New Talent Design Annual 2006."

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Sport Communications poster - basketball star Sport Communications poster - baseball star Sport Communications poster - soccer star

Sport Communications

Event Poster Serie

SportCom needed posters to promote their "Breakfast with a Star" event.

A simple yet witty solution was needed for the project. The concept of illustrating a basketball, a soccer ball and the baseball with maple syrup was the perfect solution to the challenge that cleverly communicated breakfast and sport as the result.

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iDream logo and speaker pillows iDream Speaker Pillow package front design iDream Speaker Pillow package back deisgn iDream Speaker Pillow package render

iDream Speaker Pillow

Product Development, Branding & Packaging

Going through the naming, designing, photoshots, development of the package and managing the production process made this project a long but amazing journey. The iDream Speaker Pillow is still out in the market today.

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Tootsie Roll set of 3 lunch bags Tootsie Roll lunch bag - yellow and red Tootsie Roll lunch bag - Blow Pop pink Tootsie Roll lunch bag - Dots yellow and red Tootsie Roll lunch bag - blue Tootsie Roll lunch bag - Blow Pop lime green

Tootsie Roll

Lunch Bags

A line of fun and colorful lunch bags designed under the Tootsie Roll license.

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Green Paper logo Green Paper letterhead and business card - stationary Green Paper magazine advertisment spread

Green Paper

Logo, Stationary & Printed Ad

Green Paper believe they can contribute to a better environment by promoting the usage of recycled paper. The logo communicates their mission with a leaf growing out of a book in a bold and simple way.

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