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Does HTML email signatures work on the Black Berry 10?

As of May 23rd, 2013, HTML email signatures does not work on the Black Berry 10. You may only apply custom plain text signatures on it. Some have claimed that it works by doing the following (Not sure if he was able to getting images to display or not since he only mentioned about getting his links to work):
First I openend the e-mail signature I have for Outlook on my PC which contains the link already. I highlited and then chose copy, everything I wanted to appear in the BB e-mails.

After logging on to my BIS site, I went to the e-mail edit option. In the signature box simply left click then paste and it appeared as plain text (no blue or underline). I wasn’t sure it was going to work but I clicked save and then closed the BIS window.

Then I sent an e-mail to my home PC to see it the link appeared and sure enough it did. It also appeared on the copy that went to my phone and both work.

I need more than 10 signatures for my company? Do you offer some sort of corporate rate?

YES. $25 each is the special rate for any orders of 10 signatures or more using the exact same design. This rate is applied to the 2nd signature onward. The cost of the 1st signature will depend on which Package Plan you pick. For Example: You picked the Better Package Plan for $69 to have 4 design mock-ups to choose from and you need a total of 15 email signatures for you and your company. So the 1st signature will cost $69. The 2nd one onward will be $25 each. The total will be $419. This is not available on the order page so for orders for 10 signatures or more, email timcai[a]mydesignpad[dot]com and we will make out an invoice for you to start the job.

I am ordering multiple signatures for my company? Are there any discounts?

If you plan to create a unified look with your email signatures for your company, there is an option to order up to 9 signatures directly on the Order Package page. $38 is the discount price for each signature starting with the 2nd signature onward. There is an even sweeter deal if you order more than 10 signatures – $25 each starting with the second signature, please email timcai[a]mydesignpad[dot]com for more info.

I love my new email signature! Can I get a discount if I order another one later?

Yes. After a finalized signature is created, you may order additional signatures for others with the exact same design at a discounted price of $38 each at any time. Just email timcai[a]mydesignpad[dot]com the contact info and we will send you a bill for the requested number of signatures.

How much does each additional email signature cost?

Each additional email signature cost $38. If your colleague, friend or partner orders the exact same signature that you have ordered previously, he or she can enjoy the discounted price of $38 for each signature that he or she orders. This is more than 30% off the Basic Package price. If you are ordering 10 signatures or more, you can get an even greater discounted price of $25 for each additional signature stating with the second one.

How long does it take to have a signature created?

After payment is received and all necessary contact information, related links and images are emailed to us, it takes about 3 to 4 days to create the HTML file. Very often, we can finish the job within 2 days.

Will the HTML signature work on my iPad and iPhone?

Yes. Your signature will appear fine on your iPhone/iPad if the email was sent out from your computer but you can not apply your HTML signature when composing an email on your iPhone/iPad. Apple has not provided an easy way to install HTML signatures onto the iPhone/iPad. There are ways to do so if you are willing to void your product warranty and jailbreak your device. MYDESIGNPAD does not recommend doing this. If you must try, search for Jailbreak HTML Signatures on Google for some guidance after we give you the finalized HTML file.

There are apps that you can install onto your iPhone and iPad enabling you to use HTML signatures. One that MYDESIGNPAD recommend checking out is Quick Signature. Please try at your own risk as MYDESIGNPAD is not associated with this app in any way.

How come the links don’t work?

In Apple Mail, the links in your signature will not work in the Compose new message window. The links will be work once it is sent.

Followed your instructions exactly but my images are still not showing up when I test email myself in Apple Mail.

In Apple Mail, go to Preferences > Viewing and check “Display remote images in HTML messages” and than go to Preferences > Composing and select “Rich Text” for Message Format.

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