Creating a Sig Design.

What makes a HTML email signature great?

Having a HTML email signature is a great way to create a stronger brand presence in emails that you send out everyday. Your emails will become much more professional, visual and appealing. Your recipients can easily get redirected to your website and your social network sites with custom icons or stylized text links. As a result, you are driving more traffic to your websites just by writing emails.

What info should be included?

When it comes to HTML email signatures, less is more. It is best to keep it as simple as possible. You want your signature to look great but not have it overpower the content of your email.

When deciding what to include in your signature, consider how customers communicate with you and your business. For example, if you own an online business, a physical address and fax number may be left out of the signature. Product, service and social network links can take its place instead, providing an additional channel for your customers to find you and your business on the web. Furthermore, it seems important to have your email address included but it isn’t. People who see your email signature will know what your email address is. So if your signature is looking very busy, leaving out the email address.


Images can make your HTML email signature look attractive. They can also be links to your websites. Using only 1 company logo image is recommended. It is fine to use a set of social icons as well. Anything more than that would become a drawback as it will make the signature too complex. Again, you do not want your email signature to overpower the content of your email.


Only common web fonts should be used to ensure design consistency. Particular fonts cannot be used because unless it is loaded on all your recipients’ computer, your signature will appear different. For more info on common web fonts and to see samples, click here.

“Live Text” are used in the HTML email signatures that we create. It means you can select, copy and paste the contact info from the signature. If the text was part of an image, you will not be able to select or copy it.

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